“I’m sorry, I must have the wrong number.” I said.  “Please don’t hang up.  Talk to me.” said the elderly voice on the other end of the line.

I was 18 and that was a long time ago and I still remember that moment.  I was working to raise money for a local non-profit through a phone bank.  We were paid based on what we sold and moving through the phone book as quickly as possible pretty much determined your pay.  But that stopped me dead in my tracks.  We chatted.  I wish I would have done more.

Later while working at Radio Shack an elderly woman came in to get her free battery from the Free Battery of the Month club.  We were super busy and every salesperson had a line at the counter.  She brought her free battery to the counter and asked if we could put it in her flashlight.  When I opened the flashlight it pretty much came apart.  I worked to put it back together and asked for help from another salesperson.  He chastised me for helping her when we were so busy.  It was a stressful moment but there was no way I was going to hand this flashlight back not working.

Another alone soul asking for a moment.

In the not too distant past, a person in my life decided to end his life during the holiday season, the one we are now entering.  Decisions he had made isolated him and I think he truly died of loneliness.

When this time of year arrives, we celebrate our love of friends and family by spending time together.  We are blessed with an abundance of both.  What about those in our community, neighborhood, street who are alone now?  Who, if you called by mistake would ask you to please talk to them? I want to reach out to lonely people in our community, especially during this time of year.

I am thinking of setting up a kitchen table of sorts in downtown Brevard somewhere, have some chairs, real coffee cups, tea, coffee, hot chocolate and a few homemade treats.  Have a really pretty place for folks to sit and visit, a place for anyone to stop and talk. I am thinking of Sunday, December 10th.  Let me know if you would like to help.  Email me at jbwkjc@gmail.com.