Pass legislation to block the citizenship question now.


Monday night, acting on orders from Donald Trump, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross announced that the 2020 census will ask about citizenship status.

This untested question will disrupt critical planning for the 2020 census, drive up the cost, and threaten the accuracy of the count. People will be intimidated out of responding for fear that Trump will use this sensitive, and supposedly confidential, data to continue targeted attacks on immigrant communities.

New York representative Grace Meng promised to introduce legislation to reverse the decision and block the citizenship question. We stand with Rep. Meng and urge all of Congress to take immediate action to defend the census.

Census data is the basis for fair political representation and community resource allocation. This data is too important to torpedo based on the whims of an unstable White House.

The damage done by this anti-immigrant citizenship question will impact everyone, regardless of citizenship or immigration status.

Adding the citizenship question makes it harder to count traditionally hard-to-count populations like communities of color and low-income people. Failure to properly count these vulnerable communities effectively disenfranchises them as voting districts are drawn and starves their communities of essential services.

Sign and send the petition to Congress: Congress has the power to save the census. Pass legislation to block the citizenship question now.