I am forwarding this from Davis Whitfield-Cargile <whitfieldcargilelaw@gmail.com> who is on the ballot for county commissioner as an unaffiliated candidate. It’s in reference to the county commissioners meeting on Monday, June 25. (See below for Public Notice)

“It’s a mistake to accept that the train has left the station. The topic of the courthouse has been discussed periodically over the last at least 13 years. Through multiple studies, the County has identified the courthouse needs. But there has been no comprehensive analysis of the best way to address those needs. Only two real options have been entertained, other than “do nothing:” build a new courthouse at Morris Road or construct an addition adjacent to the current courthouse which diminishes the historic significance of the existing historic structure and which eliminates the current greenspace downtown. The latter option, according to the architect that designed it, would not last 15 years. The commissioners decided that building at Morris Road is better than the sole downtown option they looked at. Hard to argue with that. The downtown option that Mosely came up with was awful.”

“The problem is the commissioners have not asked for or demanded other alternatives to look at downtown. Even within the footprint of county owned property on and adjacent to the existing structure, there are countless other ways that  we could address each of the needs that have been identified for the courthouse, some at far lesser expense, others at an expense in the same ball park as the Morris Road option, I would guess. The problem is the commissioners haven’t asked–even though they’ve been looking at this for most of the past decade. Why? Probably because Artie Wilson’s vision was to move the courthouse and no one has been willing to challenge that predetermined decision.”

“If we are looking to invest in excess of 20 million dollars in the courthouse, we ought to ask the hard questions including: 1) what do our citizens want; 2) what options are available downtown; 3) would this investment be better for the county if it’s made downtown or on Morris Road; 4) what is the impact if we move the courthouse from downtown; 5) what are the potential benefits if we make this investment downtown; 6) where does the planning department and/or planning board come down on this; 7) is this the biggest priority for major capital investments in this county?”

“If they raise taxes next week to pay for the courthouse, that’s the kiss of death to the school bond.”

“I hope that you and some of your friends will go to the county commission meeting on Monday at 7:00 and demand that they delay action on the courthouse, demand additional options to address the courthouse needs while keeping the court function downtown, and demand that the issue of moving the courthouse or raising taxes to pay for the courthouse be put on the ballot for the citizens to vote on.”

Posted by Transylvania County on June 18, 2018

Notice is hereby given that the Transylvania County Board of Commissioners will hold a 2nd public hearing on the FY 2019 Budget proposal on Monday, June 25, 2018 at 7pm during a regularly scheduled meeting.  The meeting will be held in Commissioners’ Chambers at the County Administration Building, located at 101 S. Broad St., Brevard.  All interested citizens will have the opportunity to give written and oral comments regarding the FY 2019 Budget proposal.  In addition to the public hearing, Commissioners hold two public comment periods during every regular meeting in which citizens may speak on any topic.

A copy of the FY 2019 Budget proposal is available in the office of the Clerk to the Board, County Administration Building, 101 S. Broad St., Brevard, weekdays, 8:30am-5pm.  A copy has also been placed at the Transylvania County Library and has been posted online at www.transylvaniacounty.org.

All meetings of the Board of Commissioners are open to the public in accordance with North Carolina Open Meetings Law.  The meeting facilities are handicap accessible and anyone requiring special assistance should notify the Clerk to the Board at (828) 884-3271 as soon as possible.

This the 15th day of June, 2018.

Trisha M. Hogan
Clerk to the Board