You probably already know that the Trump administration is trying to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census. And you probably already know that that’s a really bad idea.

But do you know just how bad of an idea it is? In the weirdest – but most informative! – elevator ride of my life, Dale Ho of the ACLU Voting Rights Project gives me a literal pitch on why we should all care about the 2020 census, and why the Trump administration’s idea to ask whether you’re a citizen is straight-up racist and bad for our country.

You know why? For each state, the census decides…

  • The number of representatives we get in Congress
  • The number of votes we get in the electoral college (pretty relevant for 2020)
  • How much federal funding we get for stuff like schools, healthcare, and roads
  • The data state officials use to prepare for natural disasters – like hurricanes and meteors hitting the earth (obviously)

The whole point of the census is for everyone to get counted. It’s literally in the U.S. Constitution!

By the Trump administration’s own estimates, 6.5 million people won’t respond to the census if the question goes forward. Given the Trump administration’s track record for how they treat immigrants, it’s not difficult to understand why.

The ACLU is going to the Supreme Court to fight the citizenship question on April 23, but us non-lawyers have a job to do, too: Watch this census elevator pitch, and then share it with your neighbors, friends, family members (seriously, everyone) so we all know why the census matters – and why the citizenship question has no place on it.

Thanks for keeping up the fight,