Tragicially, a peaceful demonstrator was killed and many others wounded as a terrorist attending a white supremacist event in Charlottesville, VA drove his car into the crowd.

There are many debates as to whether this was a hate crime, an act of terrorism or simply vehicular manslaughter.

This was an act of terrorism and we need to call it what it is.  Recently there have been many events where terrorists have driven into crowds of people and they are labeled as terrorists.

I have learned after being an elected representative for 4 years that people can control the narrative if they are organized.  We are organized and we MUST call this what it is, an act of terrorism.

Jeff Sessions, the US Attorney General has determined it to indeed be terrorism according to this article in the New York Times:  Sessions Says ‘Evil Attack’ in Virginia Is Domestic Terrorism.

Soon after the news broke of the attack, Indivisible started announcing vigils across the country.  Indivisible NC started publishing events in our state and by 11 pm, Transylvania Indivisible’s Vigil for Peace had been organized.  Over 20 events were organized in NC within hours.

We had individuals learn of Brevard’s event through the news, social media, emails, and word of mouth.  In less than 24 hours a group assembled at the gazebo on Main street with messages of love and unity.  Children of all ages came together.  We sang, we waved, we laughed and we met each other.

We organized in love.

An amazing network has formed and an efficient communication mechanism has been solidified.  We can get bigger and stronger and we will.

BeRightThere.Info was formed to provide a hub of news for these activities.  We appreciate the kind words from folks who attended the event and we will do all we can to keep the news coming.  We are always looking for authors and reporters, pictures, stories, anything you would like to share.  Feel free to contact us.

Thanks to everyone who attended.  We look forward to seeing you next time.