We kick off 2018 with encouraging news: last night President Trump shut down the sham voter fraud commission. Amid many challenges for the institutions of American democracy, this was a rousing win.

The panel was convened to try to justify the spurious claim of millions of illegal votes in 2016. Instead it exposed the hollowness of that charge.

Voting rights advocates, state and local officials from both parties, and scholars united in criticism of this misguided effort. You can read more in USA Today, Chicago TribuneLos Angeles TimesVox, The AtlanticCNN, and Dallas News.

We are proud to play a central role in this fight. As The Guardian reported, “the Brennan Center was at the forefront of resistance to the commission’s work.” The Washington Post called us “fierce critics,” an adjective we wear proudly. We challenged the commission in court … leveraged our longstanding, rigorous research … issued new reports rebutting its false findings … and waged a top-flight communications campaign, including this one-stop website. All to subject it to the ridicule and opprobrium it deserved.

No doubt, there is fallout to come. As I note in the Washington Post, the commission has vanished, but its pernicious objectives persist. The White House has asked the Department of Homeland Security to take up the commission’s work – a dangerous and appalling idea. Earlier this morning, the President took to Twitter to renew calls for voting restrictions. And we continue to challenge the voter ID law in Texas, a case expected to soon land before the U.S. Supreme Court. In the lead-up to November 2018, the stakes couldn’t be higher.

Many thanks for your partnership in these critical times.

Best regards,

Michael Waldman
Brennan Center for Justice