A room full of folks gathered at the Twin Dragon Buffet on November 16th to discuss next steps in the resistance movement against the Trump agenda.  Hosted by Transylvania Indivisible local organizers, David Williams, John Wiseman and Kim Coram,  the event also invited 3 candidates running for office in the districts.  Sam Edney, who is running against Cody Henson in the NC statehouse, Norm Bossert, who is running against Chuck Edwards in the NC Senate and Phillip Price, who is running against Mark Meadows for the US House seat, were in attendance.

David Williams opened the meeting and spoke about the current priorities.  The current focus is on defeating the tax bill.  Since the tax bill eliminates support for the ACA it has now become a fight for health care, again.

Gerrymandering was also discussed as one of the top priorities for our state and an update was given on the issue.  A myriad of other issues was discussed.  A focus on the environment was mentioned several times throughout the evening.  DACA was also a focus of the evening’s discussion.

Two action items presented were to

  1. get people elected and
  2. educate people.

David committed to sending out specific action items in the future.  It was a great group with dynamic interaction.  Thanks David for organizing the gathering.