Mark Meadows, US Representative from District 11, Chair of the Freedom Caucus; Leader in the effort to end healthcare for 32 million; ardent supporter of tax breaks for the wealthiest among us; voted against aid for Puerto Rico; opposes consumer protections; opposes environmental protections; has cuts to Social Security and Medicare in his sites for offsetting a trillion and a half of deficit spending created by tax breaks for the 1%.


We support the candidacy of Phillip Price for Congressional Representative of District 11. We do so after careful consideration and understanding of three characters that matter: 1) Mr. Price’s history as a self-employed small businessman gives him an understanding of the everyday stresses on working families and businesses that government might actually address; 2) his demonstrated belief that government can protect the rights, worth and dignity of all people that grew from a life of faith; and, 3) his lifelong commitment to the importance, not just the beauty, of the natural world in which he grew up, and in which we all must live.

Meet Phillip Price: Phillip is a small businessman, a musician, a Christian, a hunter and — truth be told — a bit of a hippie at heart. He is Western North Carolina, through and through. He has raised a family, hiked these mountains and fished the lakes and streams here for 34 years. And that’s long enough to have had his fill of politicians who get our votes and then cater to billionaires instead of us. So, he’s doing something about it…


  • Healthcare in America is the most expensive in the world causing our wages to stagnate.
    • Support the ACA while developing single-payer, “Medicare for All” health care system;
    • Transfer health insurance from an employer-based system to a public system to free up money employers can use to raise wages.
  • Education that is tuition-free pays for itself quickly and produces a lifelong revenue stream to use for more tuition-free higher education.
    • Offer tuition-free public education, pre-school through tech schools or 4-year colleges/universities;
    • Reduce the crushing burden of $1.5 trillion in existing student debt
  • Create jobs that pay well and policies that can help generate those jobs;
    • Support the arts and culture;
    • Make the minimum wage a living wage;
    • Correct the tax system so everyone pays their fair share; tax the wealthy fairly.
    • Develop an environmental policy that pushes green energy, creates high tech job growth, and protects our tourism industry; bring the full power of science to fighting climate change; develop renewable alternatives to carbon fuels;
  • Renewable energy jobs are growing rapidly (34,294 in NC) and are good paying jobs that do not necessarily require a 4-year degree. Bring them to WNC.
    • Develop an environmental policy that emphasizes green energy, creates high tech job growth, and protects our tourism industry;
    • Bring the full power of science to fighting climate change; develop renewable alternatives to carbon fuels;
    • Protect the environment because the tourism industry depends on it, and the construction industry in WNC depends on tourism.
  • Protect and strengthen Social Security
  • Advance high speed internet in WNC so our students and businesses can compete. It would attract more businesses to locate here.
    • Bring high speed internet and cellular service to rural areas
    • Restore net neutrality to protect small business and freedom of speech;
  • Protect DACA now; implement immigration rules that protect our boarders and gives dreamers everywhere a chance to succeed in this nation of immigrants;
  • Invest in our infrastructure using local workers and businesses to repair and build bridges and roads;
  • Undo Citizens United and take the big money out of politics;
  • Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment; embrace equality for a
  • ll, rich and poor, men and women, black and white, gay, lesbian, transgender or straight;

Restore government of the people, by the people, for the people.

And remember- You are the people.