Over the last 7 years the Republican supermajority in our General Assembly has made every effort to twist the Judiciary into a Legislature-controlled rubber stamp. North Carolina is the first state in nearly a century to switch from nonpartisan to partisan judicial races and the Legislature is now working on new judicial district maps that are as heavily gerrymandered to assure Republican judges have a permanent majority. They have repealed the state’s renowned public financing program for judicial candidates, leaving would-be judges to raise contributions from wealthy campaign donors. They are trying to amend the Constitution to have an appointment system controlled by the Legislature.  By making judges dependent on them for appointment  to office, the party in power (whether elected fairly or not) can dictate court rulings in their favor on matters like racial gerrymandering, buy the reappointment/re-election of those they agree with and punish those they don’t in favor of friends and supporters.

That would be the death of legislative accountability and democracy in our state.

Transylvania Indivisible will endorse any candidate who commits to maintaining an independent judiciary in the face of the current assault on democracy. Anita Earls is one such.

“She’s fought gerrymandering and voter ID. Now she wants a NC Supreme Court seat.”

Civil rights, Fighting for Communities, & Advocating Fair Political Processes

Anita Earls has worked passionately for 30 years protecting civil rights, fighting for families, and advocating for fair political processes.  Earls founded the Southern Coalition for Social Justice, a North Carolina based civil rights nonprofit that partners with communities of color and economically disadvantaged communities in the South to defend and advance their political, social, and economic rights.  Most recently, Earls is known for her leadership in litigating successful challenges to North Carolina’s “Monster” voter suppression law and unfair redistricting plans.

In 1998, Anita was appointed by President Clinton to serve as a Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice, with responsibility for the voting, education, disability rights, and federal coordination and compliance sections. From 2000 to 2003, she directed the Voting Rights Project at the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law. For the first ten years of her career, Anita was in private practice, litigating voting rights, police misconduct, school desegregation, and employment discrimination cases with what was then the Ferguson, Stein, Watt, Wallas, Adkins & Gresham law firm.

Anita has taught as an adjunct professor at the University of Maryland and the University of North Carolina law schools, and in the African and African-American Studies Department at Duke University. Currently she is teaching attorneys in the Shriver Center’s Racial Justice Training Institute. In 2011 Anita received the national NAACP’s Civil Rights Champion Award. In 2017 she received a “Defenders of Justice” award from the North Carolina Justice Center and was recognized as a “We Are Emily” honoree by Emily’s List.

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