What is Gerrynandering

A quick summary:  The courts have ruled NC’s voting districts were created in a way that discriminates by race.  In other words, they were created by the NC General Assembly to rig the elections.

The courts have ordered NC’s legislature to redraw the maps by September 1st!  There may be no way we can stop the Republican General Assembly from adopting a redistricting map that we find objectionable, and then submitting it to the court for approval. The court, though, will observe the people’s response and that does matter to them.

Be the best

A hearing!  It is so important to be there.  Not sure what to say?

Bullet point objections (First four are points of emphasis from Democracy NC, and will be a significant part of the next level of their argument.) You are welcome to use these or use your own:

  • A Sham Redistricting Process Is Insulting.
  • Any Maps from an Illegal Legislature Are Suspect.
  • Racial Gerrymandering Is White Supremacy.
  • North Carolinians Demand Reform.
  • Gerrymandering Subverts the Democratic Process.

There are many other objections.  Click here to see some suggestions.

Can't make hearing?

And then…SHARE!  Post them on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.

Those of you who do get to a hearing may find the space inadequate to the demand. Remark on that and anything else that made it hard for you to participate in a public hearing- distance, time of day, etc. Pictures of unseated crowds e-mailed to Legislators with Subject Line “Redistricting Public Hearing” and descriptive notes might become part of the record.

Most importantly,