Partisan gerrymandering destroys the need for the tools of democracy: Citizen inclusivity, engagement and participation; Respect for minority views; Reasoning together civilly about ideas that matter; Negotiation, consensus and compromise; Timely, trustworthy and focused information from a free press and balanced internet access; Transparency; and, Accountability. As long as the “elected” get to pick their voters rather than voters picking their “elected”, candidates can only distinguish themselves from each other by becoming more radical and more hostile to the opposition. They no longer have to care about the minority party that has been gerrymandered into voicelessness. “Elected” now seems to have little relationship to actual governance “…of the people, by the people, and for the people…”. Collective action is the only chance we have of making a difference.

So let us collect ourselves…and answer the call to action.

Call to Action****

Please undertake the following:

Send e-mails daily to all members of the Joint Committees to say you are adamant that redistricting be non-partisan, and that Tom Hofeller should be barred from drawing the maps (see this for explanation).

Constituents make daily phone calls to their legislators on the committee. Call for non-partisanship in the redistricting criteria.

Plan on showing up at one of the Public Hearings on Tuesday afternoon.

The members of the committee are listed below, each name linked to his or her e-mail address.

Representative e-mails linked

Rep. Lewis, Chairman; Rep. Stevens; Rep. Szoka; Rep. Bell; Rep Torbett; Rep. JacksonRep. BrawleyRep. Brockman; Rep. Burr; Rep. Davis; Rep. Dixon; Rep. Dobson; Rep. Dollar; Rep. Dulin; Rep. Farmer-Butterfield; Rep. Floyd; Rep. Garrison; Rep. Gill; Rep. Grange; Rep. Destin Hall; Rep. Hanes; Rep. Hardister; Rep. Harrison; Rep. Hastings; Rep. Howard; Rep. Hunter; Rep. Hurley; Rep. Johnson; Rep. Bert Jones; Rep. Jordan; Rep. Malone; Rep. Michaux; Rep. R. Moore; Rep. Pierce; Rep. Reives; Rep. Rogers; Rep. Saine; Rep. Speciale; Rep. Willingham; Rep. Wray; Rep. Yarborough;


Senator e-mails linked

Senator Ralph Hise, Chairman; Sen. Dan Bishop; Sen. Dan Blue; Sen. Harry Brown; Sen. Ben Clark; Sen. Warren Daniel; Sen. Kathy Harrington; Sen. Brent Jackson; Sen. Michael Lee; Sen. Paul Lowe, Jr.; Sen. Paul Newton; Sen. Bill Rabon; Sen. Erica Smith-Ingram; Sen. Terry Van Duyn; Sen. Trudy Wade

Corrected #1:


The House Select Committee on Redistricting will hold a Public Hearing.

DAY & DATE:   Tuesday, August 22, 2017

TIME:                  4:00 PM

LOCATION:       643 LOB



Public hearings will be held at the following sites at 4 PM on August 22 regarding proposed legislative maps. Rules for public comment are posted on the committee’s website here: Rules for public comment.

Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute

2855 Hickory Blvd

Hudson, NC 28638


Central Piedmont Community College

1141 Elizabeth Ave

Charlotte, NC 28204


For those unable to attend a public hearing, written comments may be submitted for inclusion in the record. To submit public comment, please visit the General Assembly web page at: