Join this action:It’s not the type of political action that gets much press coverage; however, as we speak Congress is quietly drafting legislation that will affect us all—the next five-year Farm Bill.The investments Congress makes there will shape our food choices and costs, as well as how food is produced on the nation’s farms and ranches, for years to come.

From farm to fork, our food system should be one we can be proud of, supporting family farmers and making healthy food choices accessible to everyone. The Farm Bill provides a rare opportunity to enact smart, science-based solutions that will help farmers, eaters, and communities.

Exciting proposals on the table include one that makes healthy foods affordable for more consumers, which creates new customers for farmers who grow those foods. But there are ominous signs that some in Congress will try to make shortsighted and devastating cuts to programs such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistant Program (or SNAP, formerly known as food stamps), which helps families put food on their tables and has lifted millions of our neighbors out of poverty.

Write Congress today and demand a Farm Bill and a food system we can all can be proud of, one that helps farmers succeed and makes nutritious food available to everyone. Click here for additional information.

Your letters matter! More than 50 percent of Congress members report that form emails into their offices have some or a lot of influence over their position on an issue. But 92 percent report that individualized email letters have some or a lot of influence! Want to have more impact? Make your letter personal.