It’s not what 85% the American people want.

There are public policies that reasonable people disagree on. Funding these payments can not be one of them.

It’s not too late. Congress can step in and fund these payments, but we have to demand action. So this is an immediate Call to Action.  

The American people overwhelmingly want to keep Obamacare and they overwhelmingly want Congress to work together on bipartisan solutions to improve the law.

Congress needs to act immediately. It’s time to take over the phone lines again — Call your Senators and Representative. (Click HERE if you need help finding contact information.) Here is a suggested script if you need one:


I’m calling today because the White House’s sabotage of Obamacare puts millions of Americans’ health care at risk.

The latest  executive order that stops key subsidy payments would lead to higher costs and fewer people covered. People all over the country depend on Obamacare, and any attempts to undermine it are unacceptable. Congress needs to act now. [Your Senator] needs to act now.

Please fully fund cost-sharing reduction payments immediately, and push back against the administration’s sabotage.

Thank you for your time.