Last September, Donald Trump put the lives of hundreds of thousands of immigrant youth in limbo when he unilaterally eliminated the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. He pushed the government to shut down with his racist theatrics. We always expected most of the GOP to go along with him — and they did.

What we didn’t expect was for so many Democrats to break their promises, too. Last September, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi cut a deal with Trump, without securing relief for Dreamers. Facing backlash, they promised repeatedly for months to use their “leverage” in the upcoming spending bills to get the Dream Act done. They appeared to take a stand last Friday when Democrats refused to give McConnell the votes he needed to pass the spending bill in the Senate. However, after roughly 72 hours, they caved — despite having massive public support, and without securing relief for Dreamers — in exchange for a vague promise from serial liar Mitch McConnell to take up DACA after February 8.


Here’s what Indivisible Nation BK — Senator Schumer’s hometown group — had to say about his vote: “We are profoundly disappointed that Senator Schumer accepted a ‘deal’ with no guarantees about actually passing the Dream Act or providing disaster relief for millions of Americans in the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. We have a unique role as the Brooklyn-based Indivisible group right in Schumer’s ‘backyard,’ and while we understand the complexity of political negotiations, we see Indivisible’s job as simple: constantly pushing Schumer to the left of his naturally middle-leaning inclinations.”

PARK SLOPE, NY — Hundreds of protesters marched outside of Sen. Charles Schumer’s Park Slope home over his failure to secure an agreement on Dreamers’ immigration status in the deal to reopen the government.

Let us be clear: this is a vote that let down 800,000 immigrant youth and their families. We need Democrats to do better. It’s a huge let down to the DACA recipients who risked so much to leave the shadows based on the promise of safety from the US government. It also let down the hundreds of Indivisible Group Leaders who fought hard alongside the immigrants in their groups and in their community.

Dream Killers in the Senate must be held accountable. We also need to thank Dream Heroes who stood for immigrant youth. Last week, members of Congress from both parties joined with Trump and voted to fund the government without offering a permanent solution for immigrant youth brought here as children. That’s unacceptable.

Republicans are responsible for this crisis and need to fix it. Every day they fail to do so, they are helping to advance Trump’s racist agenda. And Democrats can and should do more — they must use the power of their vote to protect Dreamers. If your Senator is on the Dream Hero list, call 1-855-980-2355 and use this script to thank them. If your Senator was a Dream Killer, call 1-855-980-2355 and hold them accountable using this script.

Senate Democrats caved last week, but the House may still be in play on February 8. Should Paul Ryan need Democratic votes to pass the February 8 spending bill, House Democrats should do what the Senate Democrats could not do: take a stand and refuse to vote for any spending bill that does not provide relief for Dreamers. See how your Representative voted and give them a call as well.

The Dream Act fight isn’t over — but it gets a lot tougher from here. Senator Schumer and the Democrats traded away a lot of their leverage, and Trump is in a much stronger position than he was last week. But Indivisible Groups are going to keep sticking with this fight and standing with immigrant youth at risk of deportation. Thank you for all you’ve done so far.