To determine a candidate’s fitness for public office, we look at the candidate’s past positions on matters of import and evidence of political courage in standing up for what is right, even when it’s not convenient.

Cody Henson has voted for several pieces of legislation we judge to be contrary to the American values of “one Nation under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all.” He has consistently stood with a leadership that seems concerned only with preserving power to protect privilege, without any regard for the welfare of the people they represent. Further, Mr. Henson refused to take “Vote Smart’s Political Courage Test”, and steadfastly refused to meet constituents who disagreed with him  in spite of numerous requests for a Town Hall over the last year.

Courage requires more than words, it requires action. And it requires taking action with the full knowledge that there would probably be consequences, both personal and public. True courage, according to Kennedy (“Profiles in Courage”), meant a willingness to live with those consequences — even if they meant electoral defeat.

Our state, and indeed, the nation, now face some of the most compelling moral and civic issues since the Civil War, and this is no time for Mr. Henson’s ethical ambivalence and lack of political courage. Nor for ours.

Therefore, Transylvania Indivisible supports Sam Edney in the race for NC Representative of District 113 and urges all to work for his election.


Below you will find a listing of Cody Henson’s votes from which we assessed his fitness for public office, and a brief explanation of each piece of legislation.

  1. HB 589- Specifies North Carolina’s Energy Policy
    1. Reduces potential for individuals or municipalities to compete with utilities;
    2. Blocks permitting of new wind farms;
    3. Offers some support for solar but gives utilities (Duke Energy) net metering rights to add fees and charges as well as determine pay back rate to homeowners who produce a surplus; (
    4. Limits all solar power capacity in a grid to no more than 1% of the 5-year average of peak demand;
    5. Authorizes community ownership of solar facilities but limits the amount of energy produced to 5 megawatts or 100% of community needs;
    6. Prohibits homes or buildings that generate energy from renewable sources from sharing that energy with other buildings;
    7. Expedites review for swine and poultry waste permits;
    8. Confirmed NC Utilities Commission control of all electric generator facilities


  1. H 100- Sponsored Restores Partisan Court Elections
    1. Makes Superior Court and District Court elections partisan. (Completes the change of all judicial races [Supreme Court; Court of Appeals; Superior Court; District Court] to partisan).


  1. S 565- Prohibits Partisan Primaries for Certain 2018 Court elections
    1. Voted against having judicial primaries beginning this election cycle, denying voters the right to get to know the candidates.


  1. HB 239- Reduces Court of Appeals Caseload
    1. Voted to abolish vacated Court of Appeals seats until the current 15 is reduced to 12;
    2. Appeals of juvenile orders from District Courts will be made directly to the Court of Appeals;
    3. Orders for termination of parental rights are to be made directly to the Supreme Court;


  1. SB 656- Prohibits Partisan Primaries for Certain 2018 Court Elections
    1. Eliminates opportunity for voters to get to know candidates for judicial elections in 2018.


  1. SB 655- Authorizes Even-Year Primaries to be Held in March
    1. Votes to limit party primary filing period to 2.5 weeks


  1. HB 527- Establishes Sanctions for Disruptive Student Protest
    1. Voted to require UNC to develop Sanctions for Disruptive Student Protest… Within limits of viewpoint and content neutrality;


  1. SJR 36- Authorizes Participation in a Constitutional Convention
    1. Henson voted for participation in a national constitutional convention to amend the United States Constitution to limit the role of the Federal government and impose term limits. In a flashback to the causes of the American Civil War, the legislation cites: states’ rights (in opposition to adverse court decisions); limits on taxes (to protect the wealthy) and “protection of the freedom and opportunity of our citizens” as goals of such a convention.


  1. HB 330- Limits Liability Involved in Accidents with Protesters
    1. Voted for immunization from civil liability for a motorist who unintentionally injures an individual blocking traffic in a protest demonstration;


  1. H 56- Transfers Funds for Cape Fear River Cleanup
    1. Voted to transfer $ to clean up GENX- (chemicals used in products such as food packaging, paints, cleaning products, non-stick coatings) dumped into the Cape Fear River;
    2. Awarded money to UNC-W and UNC-CH to study and quantify the presence and impact of GenX in the Cape Fear River, but left enforcement power with DEQ which has seen 7 straight years of budget cuts.


  1. HB 174- Co-Sponsor, Authorizes Concealed Handguns at Certain Church Services
    1. Permits concealed handguns in Church service held on school grounds as long as building is used for both education and worship services and education programs are not in session


  1. SB 470- Amends Asbestos Claim Filing Procedures
    1. Voted to grant corporations additional protections from damages to companies at risk of being sued for cancer or other health effects due to asbestos exposure.