President Obama's book Dreams of my FatherAfter the presidential election, I found myself wanting to surround myself with President Obama.  I didn’t agree with everything he did but I always respected the way he represented our country, with dignity.  His respect for the office brought a comfort to my life I didn’t realize I had until it was gone.

I found a used copy of the book by President Obama, Dreams from My Father shortly after the election and started to read it.  It gave me faith in our country.  It makes me believe anyone can really become President.  The President’s story is our story and one of hope.

No shame in the fear, or in the fear of his father before him.  There was only shame in the silence fear had produced.  It was the silence that betrayed us.

This is a quote in the last pages of the book and they struck me.

Silence is violence I recently saw a rally sign read.  It is true.

Are you being “violent” while children who were brought here without their power to stop it, trusted in our country, their country and our now living in terror as politicians play chess with their lives.

Are you so comfortable in your life you are not paying attention to the issue or know how it affects our community, our local businesses and families?

Do you care?  Where will you be when the child of our neighbor is “collected” and taken to a country he or she has never known, can’t remember and has no connection to?

Will you be violent as government employees rip families apart and send humans to an unknown fate?  When the parent of a child is not a citizen but their young child is, what happens when the parent is taken away and the child is left an orphan in our country.  Will you open your home?  Will you take them in?  Will you remain violent and turn your head and sing God Bless America?

I know there are groups who have met and are working to get foster care set up for the minor children who will be left without a parent.  Will you step up and care for the refugees our country is creating with this repeal of DACA.

Or will you be violent?