OK friends, here is what we know: There are ReOpen NC protesters coming to Raleigh tomorrow to push Cooper to open NC before it’s safe. There are some folks planning a small counter-protest (in cars) to disrupt the narrative that opening the state back up will keep us safe when the opposite is true.
If folks in this network want to do something along those lines (but entirely digital, obviously), we could do a social media storm to offer an alternative narrative, that we should trust the experts and practice social distancing to keep our communities safe.
Post a picture or video saying who you are protecting by staying home or thanking an essential worker for keeping us safe by going to work. We put together a quick toolkit.

Mini-toolkit to offer an alternative to ReOpen NC’s message:
Key principles to remember:
• Focus on what we want, not what we are against
• When possible, link to your values and your experience
• Be specific!

Polling shows that most North Carolinians trust the experts and want North Carolina to stay home until it is safe to reopen. Governor Cooper has said that in order to reopen safely, we need adequate testing, tracking and treatment to fight Covid-19. As hard as social isolation is, losing more of our people and overwhelming our health care system would be harder.

Groups like REopenNC are not a true grassroots movement – they are funded by far-right Republican donors and gun-rights extremists. In order to beat them, we can’t give them oxygen my making fun of them or arguing on their terms. We have to offer a different narrative: that in North Carolina, we keep each other safe by taking care of our communities, listening to the experts, and demanding the testing, tracking and treatment necessary to fight Covid-19. Instead of arguing with protesters on social media tomorrow, we are asking folks to take one or more of the following actions to keep the focus on who we are protecting by staying home until it is safe to reopen.

  1. Post a photo of yourself wearing your mask and holding a sign that says:
    “I’m staying home to protect _.

We Keep Each Other Safe

[*You can name a person in your life you are staying home to protect, or name a group of people who are vulnerable, ex: I’m staying home to protect nurses, I’m staying home to protect frontline workers]

  1. Post a photo/video thanking an essential worker for keeping us safe by doing their jobs.
  2. Update your status, post to instagram or send a tweet. Here are some sample posts – feel free to make them your own or copy directly, and don’t forget to use the hashtag!

Staying home is hard, but it’s what we have to do to protect our healthcare workers, essential workers and vulnerable communities. #WeKeepEachOtherSafe #TrustTheExperts

North Carolina should open our economy when we have the tests, tracking and treatment needed to do so safely. #WeKeepEachOtherSafe #WhereAreTheTests

In North Carolina, we believe in taking care of each other. Right now that means staying home and staying apart to #StopTheSpread. #DoYourPart #WeKeepEachOtherSafe

Make sure to share and retweet other people’s posts!