Indivisible Community Meeting, November 16, 2017

at Twin Dragons, 5:30 for dinner, 6:00 PM for discussion.


The following topics are currently active at the national or state level. Updates on status and subsequent discussion of Resistance priorities will guide our actions moving forward.


Joining us will be Norm Bossert (Dem Candidate for State Senate), Sam Edney (Dem Candidate for State House), and Phillip Price (Dem Candidate for US House). They are happy to share their views and ideas, but would like to hear from you. Please consider your positions and be willing to share them.


  1. The Political Landscape; (NC & US)
  2. Racial / Partisan / Judicial Gerrymandering; (NC & US)
  3. Voter Rights / Suppression (NC)
  4. Public Education (NC)
  5. Fair Taxation (NC & US)
  6. Health Care (US)
  7. DACA (US &  NC)
  8. Environmental and Public Lands Management (NC & US)
  9. EPA/Climate Change (US)
  10. Science (NC & US)
  11. Equal Access to the Internet (US)
  12. Local control of municipalities by municipalities (NC)


This is an open invitation that I hope you will pass around.


Push on, Friends. It’s time to carry Resistance energy into political energy.