Stop the Next Attack on Our Democracy, Fight for Fair Courts

We were victorious in pushing back attacks on our courts during the N.C. General Assembly’s 2018 special session, but the 2018 short session promises more proposals to rig the system from political bullies working for their own partisan interests. The current focus is on gerrymandering our judicial voting districts (House Bill 717), slashing judicial terms (Senate Bill 698), take power to fill judicial vacancies from Governor’s office (House Bill 240 and House Bill 241), and seizing the ability to choose judges themselves (legislative appointment under the so-called “purple plan”) — all of which would undermine the independence of our courts and make North Carolina’s judiciary more partisan. Others say “court-packing” is back on the table, a scenario where lawmakers add judges to our N.C. Supreme Court in an effort to get better outcomes. 

On top of that, legislative leaders may also resurrect part of North Carolina’s discriminatory 2013 Monster Voting Law. That law was rejected in federal court, but the NCGA could revive voter ID by placing it on the November ballot as a constitutional amendment. That’s right: the same lawmakers who drafted an illegal voter ID law that targeted African-Americans “with almost surgical precision” now want to permanently add it to our state’s constitution. 

Together we have put intense pressure on lawmakers to end these schemes — and it’s working. But we can’t stop now. Join our “Fair Courts, Fair Votes Month of Action” (May 18-June 18) to fight back! Keep up the pressure with this 5th STEP OF 6.

STEP FIVE: Use all you know to write an op-ed or letter in support of Fair Courts and Fair Votes for  your local paper, like these North Carolinians did: