INDIVISIBLES ALERT: The NCGA is planning to move forward on a constitutional amendment that could block 300,000+ eligible voters from the ballot box – and thereby hand Donald Trump the 2020 election in North Carolina.

We’re going to stop them. We have to stop them. Text INDIVISIBLE to 52886 and take action now.

The disease of gerrymandering that has infected the electoral processes of the state from local to federal levels has consumed some of our most basic constitutional principles. When gerrymandering allows representatives to stay in power by choosing their constituents, the sovereignty of the people over their government is lost.

When a party uses this tactic to dominate multiple branches of government, its members can change the rules or ignore the customs of government, disrupting the system of checks and balances. And when partisanship and gerrymandering are injected into the judiciary, there can be no independent and impartial judicial review of corruption and unconstitutional laws.

While the N.C. House pursues judicial gerrymandering, the N.C. Senate wants to take judicial selection completely out of the hands of voters and give it to the ruling political party.

Any party wielding complete power and insulated from the public’s will becomes dictatorial.