All are created equal and none are above the law. Citizens show up to support justice!

All are created equal and none are above the law.  Citizens show up to support justice!

Demand TruthOver 170 people in the Brevard area signed up to be notified if the Mueller investigation came under attack. We signed up to organize the event in Brevard and were touched by how many people showed interest.  We put this notice out last week as MoveOn had called for the event to happen.

No one is above the law.  To show our support that all are created equal and all are held to the same standards of accountability, we are gathering with others across the nation to show our support for justice and our democracy. has organized gatherings nationwide and we have joined them in this action.  Please join us on Friday, November 9, 2018, at the gazebo on Main street in Brevard at 5 pm to show our love and support of equality and justice.  Please email Kim at or call at 828-966-5367 with any questions.  You can sign up here if you like:

See you there!

It was a rainy and cold day and folks showed up and shared their love and support for “justice for all.”  Thanks to all who attended and stood up!  It is so important.

As a side note, some folks even came on Thursday and gathered, so we had two days of citizen action! Fantastic.

Protect the investigation

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Kim Coram

Kim Coram is retired from The Bureau of the Public Debt, US Treasury Department where she served as an IT manager in a variety of disciplines ranging from computer security to website management. She is an US Air Force veteran and was an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Specialist. She was elected to Parkersburg, WV's city council where she served a 4-year term. Kim loved WV and decided to move after seeing the impact fracking has had and continues to have on this once paradise. She is now retired and lives in Cedar Mountain, NC where she enjoys clean drinking water, riding bikes with her husband, John, and taking her grandchildren on grand adventures in her "backyard".

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