We rallied with a group of concerned citizens at the gazebo on Main street in Brevard on July 15, 2017 from noon until 12:30 with health care signs. We had gotten feedback that our signs at Mark Meadows fundraiser in Brevard recently had some of his supporters asking questions about impacts of the bill they were unaware of.  We want to be on hand to share our understanding and knowledge of the bill.

We had some discussions with folks who stopped to talk with us.  Some were in support of the bill being defeated and others didn’t share the same understanding of the bill.  I asked a couple of people to discuss their understanding with me but they refused.  One waived me off. I sincerely want to have these conversations.

One passerby said she was a Trump supporter.  Trump’s campaign promises are not being upheld by the current bill.  I wonder if that individual was aware of the differences in the bill and Trump’s promises?  To me, this is not about allegiance to a party or right versus left.  This is about right versus wrong.

I sincerely want to have conversations with individuals about their views.  I have an open mind and have changed my mind before.  It could happen again.  Most of all, I want to connect with others and share.



Want to learn about the Healthcare bill?

Want more details on the impact of the healthcare bill? I found this article helpful: Page 48 is the most important page in the CBO report