As of today, 114 people have signed up to rally in Brevard if Trump fires Mueller.  Transylvania Indivisible organizers (David Williams, Kim Coram and John Wiseman) and reporters, have signed up to organize the Brevard event.  It is one of hundreds organized around the country.  Here is the guidance we have been given:

Host Dashboard: Transylvania Indivisible’s Rapid response against Mueller’s firing

Thanks for signing up to host a rapid response action to hold Donald Trump accountable for firing Robert Mueller as special counsel or taking other actions to seriously threaten the Trump-Russia investigation.

Right now, the following are the red lines, which if crossed, could trigger the call for national actions, communicated by national partners to hosts:

  1. Firing Mueller
  2. Pardons of key witnesses
  3. Actions that would prevent the investigation from being conducted freely, such as replacing Mueller’s current supervisor, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, or repealing the regulations establishing the office.
In the case of a Mueller firing, please assume the plan has been engaged and events will be triggered nationally. In the event of key pardons, a change in Rosenstein’s relationship to the investigation, or other scenarios, a national coalition will decide as rapidly as possible whether it believes the red line has been crossed sufficient to communicate a national call to action. In such cases, local hosts are encouraged to look for notice of national decisions from MoveOn in SMS and email, but to feel empowered to proceed locally as they see fit.
We will communicate with the people who have signed up for the rally through the Move-On email facility.  Want to join the 114 who have signed up?  You can do it by going here:
Hopefully, we will never need to gather for this purpose but in case we do, see you at the gazebo.