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WNC Republicans – Welcome Senator Thom Tillis!

From the chair – Last evening, 11th District county GOP leadership had a personal opportunity to connect with Senator Thom Tillis during his extended visit with his mountain constituency. It was an interesting meeting – well worth the time – and we wanted to share a few of the more enlightening moments. Here’s a short-list…

  1. This is a sharp gentleman – thinks on his feet, articulates extremely well, and he gets the American Success Equation.
  2. His voting record with the President’s agenda is 95+%.
  3. He thinks his positions through – there is an intentional rationale at work in his votes.

In terms of takeaways, there were 4 that stood out-

  1. His view of Job One – getting Republicans elected this fall! We may not be pleased with all of our candidates, but – my words not his – a wobbly Republican is infinitely better than a dedicated progressive-socialist Democrat. The latter, if they win this fall at the state an national level, are going to double down on their distorted vision of restructuring America. Now is not a time to fight among ourselves.
  2. Senator Tillis voted against the recent Omnibus Bill – part of his reasoning – “It’s not Russia or China who are our greatest threat – It’s our debt.”
  3. You may not have picked up on an interesting recent action by the Senator. He made an active effort to reach out to and physically visit the Rev. Andrew Brunson who is being held in turkey as a suspected terrorist. People who are kept in the light – the purpose of the Senator’s visit – tend not to die, disappear, or be overlooked.
  4. Mitch McConnell, like all of us, is not a perfect leader. “But there is one tremendous thing every Republican in America should celebrate and appreciate him for – his refusal to vote for a Supreme Court nominee until the new President was sworn in.” That impact will echo for decades.

There was more, but lets leave it that the BCGOP chair came away with a strengthened picture of Senator Tillis. Grateful for that opportunity…


-Photo courtesy of Robin Ramsey-

Thank you Senator Tillis – we’re glad to have you WNC!