Third loan for warWe are a country at war.  We have been at war for a long time.  Soldiers are being brought home in coffins.  Facts and details of deaths have become political footballs while the families grieve.  Have we no decency?

Furthermore, it use to be when our country went to war, we were asked to sacrifice.  We were asked to step up and fund the war through war bonds.  We were asked to become a part of the struggle.  We were asked to conserve.  So why is it as we are receiving the bodies of those who have given the ultimate sacrifice and as more gold star families are created, we are talking about tax cuts?

We have an enormous deficit.  This makes no sense.  Something is wrong.  So what can we do?

We can conserve.  We can stop consuming so much.  We can stop using fossil fuels as much as humanly possible.  We can change our entire mindset to the one of a country at war.  We can stop giving money to the top 1% who make the most from war.

As we buy that new pair of shoes or redecorate our homes, think of all the resources we are using and think about what we are supporting.

Just give it a thought.