See what you want to see.

As a Social Media Strategist here at Daily Kos, it’s part of my job to care about how Facebook works. But as a Facebook user, the constant changes forced upon us by the platform also annoy me to no end. I use Facebook for news about my family, friends, and the world around me, but recently, it doesn’t feel like that’s what I get when I log in.

With that in mind, here are some tips to help you make sure that you see what you want to see in your little corner of Facebook. These quick actions can help you build the Facebook news feed that YOU want, rather than the news feed that Mark Zuckerberg’s latest algorithm dictates for you. After all, we’re adults here. We can make our own choices.

It’s possible that, as a progressive and liberal site, our content may be categorized as “polarizing,” leading to Daily Kos being less likely to surface in your news feed. These algorithm changes are all part of Facebook’s damage-control efforts to undo the havoc wreaked by Russian and right-wing trolls in recent months and years.

Facebook is keeping info close to the vest, but what we do know for sure is that over 50% of our audience used to come to us from Facebook, and since the big changes started in 2017, we’ve seen those referrals drop to less than 20%. Here’s a handy visual aid:

This is the damage that a company like Facebook can inflict on a company like Daily Kos.PS. I promise this will be the only chart I show you. Pinky swear.

As companies who rely heavily on Facebook are forced to layoff employees and even close down completely, we REFUSE to be the next victim. And we don’t think you want that either.

So let’s get started on customizing your Facebook experience so you can see what you want, from anyone and everyone you care about.

We’re going to use the Daily Kos Facebook page as an example, because if you’re here reading this, chances are you don’t want to miss out on our bountiful, progressive content.

Step One: Visit our lovely Facebook page.

Once you’re there, click Like. Just like that, you’ve Liked our page.

Step Two: Click that Like button.
Take note of that Following button. We’re headed there next.

Still with me? Get ready for the best part: the moment where you take control of your news feed!

Click on Following, and a dropdown menu will appear. Choose See First.

Step Three: Choose See First from the Following dropdown menu.Repeat these steps for all the sites and people you care about.

Bam! You did it.

To truly customize your Facebook experience, you can apply this technique for the pages of other outlets and public figures you care about, and the profiles of your favorite relatives and friends.

Like/Follow, See First, repeat.

That’s all it takes to make sure you’re seeing what YOU want to see each day, rather than what the powers that be at FB HQ decide you should see.