My name is David Williams. Since January I have been Lead for Transylvania Indivisible and became Chair of IndivisibleNC’s Fair Voting Action Group in May. But I’m really not either of those things.

I am really a husband, a father, and a grandfather; a son and a brother; a citizen, an educator and a friend. These roles are the lynchpins of my life, the roles I value most, my raison d’etre.

But in January, I chose to sacrifice the primacy of those roles to become a Resistor.

I chose to fight for:

-a country in which facts are true whether we like them or not, where science seeks truths, and where truth is valued;

-a nation where health care is for all not just the privileged;

– a nation that celebrates the value of human diversity;

– a nation where immigrants, like our ancestors, can build their lives and their children’s futures;

– a nation where lives are lived in Faith, not Fear;

– a nation with equality of economic opportunity;

– a nation where stewardship of the Earth is the natural choice;

– a nation in which racism, sexism and intolerance are a source of shame, not pride;

– a nation of people who that know hubris, greed and lust for power are sins;

– a nation where every voice has a vote and every vote has a voice;

– a government that is of all the people, by representatives of all the people, and for the welfare of all the people;

In January, I chose to become a Resistor.

I chose to fight against:

– a force that is hostile to all that once made us great as a state and a nation;

– a force so hostile it is working tirelessly to destroy the fundamental principles that drove our forefathers to declare their independence in 1776.

– a hostile force that ignores the Constitution’s preamble: “…all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”

– a hostile force that perverts “all men are created equal…” to mean “…all those of us who have the power are created equal to each other but better than those who don’t…”;

– a hostile force that translates that preamble to mean “…all men [of wealth and power] have an unalienable right to acquire more wealth and power without regard for those who suffer from its loss”;

– a leadership now held by men and a few women who protect that hostility by gerrymandering voter districts and assaulting voter rights “with  with near-surgical precision”;

– a leadership so morally bankrupt that our  national moral compass has disappeared.

I judge the character of a (hu)man not by words, but by deeds. By that standard today’s elected leadership is found much wanting. By the NCGA majority’s deeds, hate, bigotry, intolerance and divisiveness have reached heights not experienced since the end of the Civil Rights movement.

By their deeds, economic growth has increased the gap between the gerrymandered majority who exercise power and privilege to increase their wealth, and the people who do not.

By their deeds, the tools of democracy: Civility; Negotiation; Compromise; Transparency; Respect for minority views; and, Accountability have been derided and eroded to the point that they do not exist in public practice.

By those same deeds, North Carolinians have lost faith in representative democracy because their democracy is no longer representative. It is winner-take-all. It is gerrymandered.

Lack of faith in government is in the lap of the General Assembly’s majority. The 2011 Chair of the House Redistricting Committee, Representative David Lewis, was a Defendant in Covington vs. North Carolina, and the courts judged his deeds to be racist and unconstitutional. His deeds diminished the integrity of the state, they fed a lust for power and privilege in those who already have it. Representative David Lewis’ deeds and his reappointment to head the current Redistricting Committee, have stamped the General Assembly’s majority as hostile to the State’s people, in particular, its people of color. I call for his removal from this committee.

Only a man totally committed to self-interest, who disrespects the values and ideals of a representative Democracy- would ignore this call for action. Step down, Representative, and encourage the House Select Committee for Redistricting to adopt non-partisan redistricting.

After all- if you can’t win re-election without stacking the deck, then you don’t deserve to represent us.