Each of us must decide whether to submit to the current veto-proof majority, tacitly supporting the totality of its agenda, or to demand representation at the legislative table.

Norm Bossert is a retired educator whose commitment to children and our future has been lived for decades. Like his counterpart in the House race, Norm is part of the movement to break the stranglehold of a veto-proof majority in the Legislature.

The Senate fiddles while the state drowns.

The current Legislature has done everything but publicly dismantle public education in North Carolina. From universal pre-school, to tuition-free community college for the qualified, Norm has a powerful vision for the role public education can play in our state’s future: adequate funding, professional pay for professional teachers, accountability for all schools receiving state money and a rational place for state testing.

While our current Senate is busy gerrymandering and ignoring Federal Court orders to dismantle current district lines Norm is calling for expanded Medicaid, transparency in government, fair voting, balance between the judicial, executive and legislative branches of our government and fair taxes.

Regardless of all else, he believes it is imperative that we put aside political differences to lock arms and work together to deal with the down east tragedies and environmental disasters. It is time the Senate climbed out of its self-interest and accepted its responsibility to serve all the people.

We all deserve a Senator who will fight for us. We urge a vote for him.