Yesterday, John and I attended the interfaith service of remembrance:  Remembering the Tree of Life Synagogue.  It was hosted by the Sacred Heart Catholic Church at noon. Sanctuary It was packed.  The parking lot was overflowing and the chapel was full.  Speaker after speaker shared their hearts and love.  It was a beautiful event where many faiths gathered together to lead our community in unity and love.  Norm Bossert, a member of the Brevard Jewish Community closed the service out with a passionate message and by reading the names of those murdered by the gunman who stated he wants to kill all Jews.Parking

This community is beautiful.  Getting to know each other is so important.  Sharing a meal with new people can do wonders.  Moving to Conservers gathers on a regular basis to do just that.  We work to build our community’s resilience by connecting people together through simple, gentle gatherings.  We would love to welcome you to the table.  Feel free to join us.  You can sign up for our newsletter here.