Mark Meadows has announced a Town Hall on his Facebook page.  I am a subscriber to his newsletter and have not recieved a notification from him directly.  I do not use Facebook but was made aware of the meeting by a friend.  I find it odd that he did not send the information to his mailing list.

Here is what we know.

The Town Hall is being held August 7, 2017 at 6 pm

Location is Blue Ridge Community College

Bo Thomas Auditorium

180 W. Campus Drive, Flat Rock, NC.

Mark Meadows Town HallThere is a form on his website to sign up for his Town Halls.  You can sign up here:

I spoke to his DC office and was told you do not have to register to attend.  They said you can just show up.

8/6/2107  Here is some additional information I received from Transylvania NAACP:

Please make small (10×16) signs that say 
“Agree” and “Disagree.” They will most likely not allow any larger signs.

We are meeting at 4 p.m. at the BiLo parking lot in Pisgah Forest for those who would like to carpool. We will depart of 4:10, so please be on time.

This is a huge opportunity for us and we expect the GOP will try to pack the hall early to prevent us from gaining access, so being early is key.

Not only is Rep. Meadows strongly opposed to any public health care, be also controls the votes of at least 20 other Members of Congress know now as the Freedom Caucus, formerly the Tea Party.

This is the only Town Hall Meadows has had this year. The media will certainly be there.