I recently read an interview of a white supremacist talking about saving his country from invasion and keeping non-whites out.  When the reporter stated the American Indians probably felt the same way he responded that that was probably true but they should have fought harder to keep their country.

I have thought of that many times the past few weeks.

So does the country belong to those who fight hardest for it?  Non-violent civil resistance has changed many things in our country and we need it now more than ever.

The President has stated DACA needs to go because we are a country of laws.  Jim Crow-era laws were wrong.  Slavery laws were wrong and repealing protection for youth brought to this country is wrong.

Rev. Dr. Barber says it so well in this email he sent out yesterday and I want to share it.  To me, there is nothing more fundamentally American than standing up for the rights of these citizens, people, neighbors, a part of the fabric of who we are.

What can you do right now?

Complete the actions at STAND UP Indivisible at Stand Up Indivisible Guide
Silence in violence I recently read on a protest sign.  And while attending the Women’s March in Asheville this past January I remember taking a photo that I have shared in this post.  To live in such fear, in the land of the free and the brave.  I am sick to my stomach.

How hard are you willing to fight to make this country the country you think it should be?  I have called our 3 representatives on Capital Hill this morning and was told Senator Tillis is introducing a bill today regarding the issue.   You can contact them as well using the information here:  https://berightthere.info/take-action/contact-information-for-our-local-representatives/

I asked for a copy and was told it will be available on Congress.gov once it is released.  Looking forward to reading it and hoping it is fighting hard enough.  You can get to bills in the House and Senate by visiting the sidebar on our homepage.

I am reading everything I can and organizing.  Want to help?  Drop us a note.  Stand up!  Fight Back!


North Carolina NAACP
September 5, 2017
Contact: Tyler Swanson, tyler.swanson@naacpnc.org


Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II, Statement on Behalf of the NC NAACP in Regards to Recent Rescinding on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

DURHAM- When Trump says he loves Hispanic students and DACA recipients while nullifying DACA, he sounds like Jim Crow-era white supremacists who said they loved all people but had to follow the segregationist law of their time.This action is immoral and inhumane. These young people have served our country, died for this country, and contribute to this country. In many ways, they have acted more American than the President.

Trump’s decision to rescind their status undermines America’s moral claims and will negatively impact our economy.

Trump and Sessions have been wrong on voting rights, wrong on white supremacy, and they are wrong on DACA. In fact, this attack on mostly Latino young people is in line with the policy agenda of white supremacy and white nationalism. The hate groups Trump and Sessions claim to condemn want to see mass deportations of undocumented immigrants rather than have just immigration laws.

President Donald Trump is not evolving on DACA. He is devolving and leading the nation in a downward moral spiral.

President Obama’s executive action on behalf of Dreamers has not been proven unconstitutional. Taking DACA from 800,000 thousand young dreamers is itself a violation of our deepest constitutional values, which demand a commitment to establish justice.

This action establishes injustice. Governors, states Attorneys General, and every politician, Democrat or Republican, along with every clergy person who believes in our deepest moral and religious values, should stand up publicly against these actions by President Trump. To say nothing is in fact to be an accessory to this very cruel and inhumane policy action against humanity.

Finally, members of the President’s party who kept silent during the campaign when he was clear about what he was going to do are in large part to blame for what we are witnessing. Silence then has emboldened the President now, which means he alone is not to blame.

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