by Herman | Countable, Updated on 3.13.18

What’s the story?

  • President Donald Trump is in San Diego, visiting the U.S.-Mexico border to examine prototypes of his long-promised “big beautiful wall.” It is Trump’s first visit to the Golden State as the nation’s leader.


Donald J. Trump


Heading to see the BORDER WALL prototypes in California!

10:37 AM – Mar 13, 2018

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Why does it matter?

  • In anticipation of his visit, Trump tweeted a Fox News report that cited the far-right Center for Immigration Studies:


Donald J. Trump


“According to the Center for Immigration Studies, the $18 billion wall will pay for itself by curbing the importation of crime, drugs and illegal immigrants who tend to go on the federal dole…” …

11:24 AM – Mar 13, 2018

  • According to the San Diego Tribune, “a pro-wall rally has been planned to greet Trump at the prototypes.”
  • Meanwhile, “several groups are planning peaceful protests on the Mexican side, but a Federal Police official said they are not going to be allowed near the prototype area,” the A. Times reported.
  • President Trump has not yet received funding for the wall.

Trump vs. the Golden State

  • The Trump administration and California aren’t on the best of terms—last week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced he was suing the state; in response, Gov. Jerry Brown (D) said that Trump was “basically going to war” with California.
  • Trump escalated this skirmish on Tuesday, tweeting:


Donald J. Trump


California’s sanctuary policies are illegal and unconstitutional and put the safety and security of our entire nation at risk. Thousands of dangerous & violent criminal aliens are released as a result of sanctuary policies, set free to prey on innocent Americans. THIS MUST STOP!

11:27 AM – Mar 13, 2018

What else is the president doing out west?

  • Trump will deliver remarks at a Marine base, where Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said the president plans to address all five branches of the military:

“While California may not have — he may not have won that state — there is certainly a lot of support for this president, not just there but across the country. And he looks forward to being there and presenting a lot of the specific policies.”

  • The president then heads to Beverly Hills for a fundraiser at a private residence.

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