Sam Edney with Gov. CooperOn November 1 at 6:00 PM, there will be gathering at Cedar Mountain Cafe, hosted by Lucia Gerdes, for Sam Edney.  Sam is running for NC House District 113 to defeat Cody Henson.

Special guest Patsy Keever, NC Democratic Party Chair, will also be there to let us know the latest on the party’s plan for our state.

Over 6 months ago, Cody Henson had scheduled a town hall and then canceled it abruptly  I spoke with his office shortly after the cancellation and asked if he would reschedule as soon as possible.  His staff was very courteous and said they would pass the message on.  I have every reason to believe they would have done what they said they would do.

I have never been notified of a new date.  I use to be an elected official.  I find this unacceptable.  I posted my thoughts on his Facebook page but it was deleted.  I took a screenshot of the post so have a copy.  Here it is:

Where is Cody?
His opponent, Sam Edney has scheduled a gathering on November 1st at 6 pm in Cedar Mountain.

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