Our Thursday night potluck was yet another “first” venue for our weekly (mostly) Conservers gathering: the Transylvania County Landfill. I know, sounds contradictory to any enjoyable meal.
Kenn Webb, our host and Director of the Transylvania County Solid Waste/Landfill, shared his landfill office space for our potluck and group discussion in advance of our short drive to view and experience the actual landfill. Kenn recently arrived in Brevard to assume the director position and his enthusiasm for his job, our community and the landfill in particular is infectious. So we decided to meet at the landfill this week; nothing less than Kenn’s enthusiasm and our Conservers curiosity to better know our community would have accomplished such a pairing.
Sitting at a large picnic bench consuming the usual yummy food contributions, we discussed the landfill, Kenn answering multiple questions; learning of the growing interest in composting by several local restaurants and more – all very enjoyable and informative topics.
Before driving to the landfill, Kenn offered us some mulch produced at the landfill, mulch to take home. Another unexpected gift from our landfill visit.
The first thing that hits you is not the expected distasteful smell but the incredible landscape. The landfill is a beautiful place and obviously kept beautiful by good and professional management. It is not a place to be avoided – an unexpected realization for this visitor. The rolling mountains laced with streaming fog greeted us. We would have stayed longer “oohing and ahhing” and asking Kenn even more questions but dark clouds and the sound of rain closed in on us. We barely reached our vehicles when the deluge commenced. Several of us carpooled and were fortunate to be in a vehicle with three windshield wiper blades…we need all three – along with John’s incredible driving to get us all home.
I encourage everyone to come see and experience the landfill first hand. Their website offers clear and helpful information for visits/recycling etc: https://www.transylvaniacounty.org/departments/solid-waste

I am again feeling fortunate to be in a community and hanging out with fellow Conservers in such a community,


Photos below courtesy of Elizabeth Pell.