It was a packed house November 1st at the Cedar Mountain Cafe Meet & Greet for Sam Edney, candidate for the NC House District 113.  Cedar Mountain Cafe provided a meeting space and refreshments and there was standing room only.  Sam talked about his platform and then opened the floor up to questions.  He held a town hall of sorts, something our current representative has refused to do.

There was a range of topics addressed by audience questions.  Probably the one that got the most attention was women’s right to manage their own bodies and decide their health care.  There were questions on gun control, the state of the Democratic Party, schools and campaign financing.

It was a dynamic evening and Sam didn’t shy away from any topic.  He was open to discuss the issues.  He invited anyone to contact him about any issue, anytime.

There were quite a few people from his campaign there and a lot of them were “young”.  That was great to see.