On October 11th, over 20 local citizens gathered to talk about our progress towards diverting food scraps from the landfill and ways to divert more.  We heard about obstacles facing local restaurants that need removed so that they can send their food scraps to places where they can be used to make soil and feed livestock.  We heard about a local bicycle compost pick-up service starting in Brevard in January and we heard what citizens are doing in their own yards and their use of local drop-off sites.

We talked about how we can support business owners who are interested in creating local, high-quality compost for the community and we offered our help to turn piles at local drop off locations.

It was a fantastic gathering.  The conversation was dynamic and far too short.  This was a focus group of sorts for us and helped us identify issues we need to address in the community compost symposium we are organizing.  Now we will move forward to plan a community experience and gathering to take food scrap diversion to the next level.  Thanks to everyone who participated and thanks to Peaks and Creeks for the use of their space.