The House Select Committee on Redistricting will meet at 1:30 PM July 26 in Room 643 of the Legislative Office Building in Raleigh. We need to be there.

David Lewis, Chair of the House Select Committee on Redistricting, was also chair of the 2011 House committee that created the racially gerrymandered map that has been rejected by the courts and not yet been corrected. He and Senator Rucho guided Dr. Thomas Hofeller in creating state-sanctioned institutional racism.

Rep. Lewis’ appointment to Chair this session’s Committee is an affront. Lewis was a DEFENDANT in Covington v. NC which established firmly that his State and Federal Districting map was unconstitutionally racist. And now he has been appointed to do it again.

We are calling for a General Protest Action with Progress NC, NC Voters for Clean Elections, Democracy NC, and ACLU  on Wednesday, 7/26, 1:30 PM at the Legislative Office Building in Raleigh.

Goals: End Gerrymandering; Replace Lewis as Chair; Support Non-partisan Redistricting; Support House Bill 200; Support Senate Bill 209; Bring Integrity back to the Electoral Process; 1 (hu)man, 1 Vote; Every voice a Vote, Every Vote a Voice

In this initial foray, we will comply with all public use rules and directives. If you want to check for them out for yourself, here is the link:

This action is about protest and persuasion (a first level of nonviolent protest) and incorporates Formal Statements: speeches (if permitted), press conference (hopefully), signs and letters of opposition to partisan gerrymandering and in support of HB 200.

Meet at 1:00 in the area between Jones Street and the South entrance to the State Legislative Building. This is the only permitted assembly area for protest. (See Map) We will go over the plan and make sure we all know the limits. Chants are OK as long as they do not materially disrupt business in the SLB.

Signs may not be on any kind of stick. Hand held only.

1:10 those going into the Meeting (LOB, room 643) do so. Carry signs that can be held in our laps.

If asked, our presence is intended to add transparency to the process and to advocate for non-partisan redistricting.

If public comment is permitted, those who are prepared will do so. Please don’t wing it. It’s important we look like we know what we are talking about.

It is legal to record the meeting, so if you have the equipment (video cameras or phones ), please do. Afterwards video should be widely circulated.

Those not going into the meeting but waiting outside should try to: Attract positive media attention; Create allies from passersby; Make clear that we are not about right versus left, but about right versus wrong; Frame objections to gerrymandering in a moral context; Offer a positive alternative- non-partisan commission to carry out redistricting.

At the conclusion of the meeting, those inside will rejoin those outside for sharing and evaluation- what went right, what could have been better. I’m pretty sure we will have need to do this again and learning from prior experience will improve our effectiveness.