Forbes magazine published an article The Shocking Cost of Food Waste several years ago.  Since there has been a multitude of articles published that highlight the cost of wasting food.

Last year I read that Americans waste 40% of their food.  It made me look at our household’s habits and examine how much food we were wasting.  It was close to that.  It caused us to make several life changes that were actually easy to do.  As a result, our household waste is below 2%.  Yes, I said 2%.

With all the focus on the US’s withdrawal from the Paris Agreement and the impact it will have on the world, imagine the impact each of us has when we stop wasting food.  What can YOU do.

Be the Paris Agreement.  Everything is driven by consumer demand.  What demand do you put on your local community because of the food you waste?  What can you change?

Focus on one change and do it.  Just do it.