… from NC Warn, edited summary by S. Sunflower

   Building People Power for Climate & Energy Justice

Solar + Batteries can Replace  NC’s Coal and Natural Gas 

Today NC WARN introduces NC CLEAN PATH 2025: Achieving an Economical Clean Energy Future. See our news release below announcing this exciting new way forward!

TAKE ACTION: Email Duke Energy CEO Lynn Good now and urge her to get on board with this plan: ceo@duke-energy.com. See our Action Plan for how your community can move ahead with local solar and battery storage. We will be sharing more about local efforts soon.

Local Solar & Batteries Can Rapidly Replace Fossil Fuel Electricity, Save 10s of Billions, Create 1000s of Jobs across North Carolina, Says Energy Engineer

Groundbreaking report reflects leaps in battery technology, is paired with Action Plan so cities and towns can act on pledges to help slow the climate crisis 

A few years ago, outgoing Duke Energy CEO Jim Rogers warned that distributed renewable energy was fast pushing his industry toward becoming a provider of backup electricity generation and transmission equipment – and that large, central power plants would become extinct.

Rogers was right.  In 2017, solar power – generated where it’s needed – and the ability to store it for later use are now beating fossil fuels and nuclear power in the 21st century marketplace.

Recent leaps in battery technology, combined with falling solar power prices and energy-saving advances, mean North Carolina can replace all fossil fuels used for electricity by 2030, and half by 2025.  All utility customers can benefit – and avoid having 40 billion of their dollars spent by Duke Energy to build unneeded power plants, power lines and a fracked gas pipeline for the Carolinas.  And they’ll save billions more in avoided purchase of coal and natural gas. That’s according to a comprehensive new report called NORTH CAROLINA CLEAN PATH 2025: Achieving an Economical Clean Energy Future.

Go to NC Warn (http://www.ncwarn.org/) for the full report and ACTION PLAN.