My husband and I decided to live this year without creating garbage.  Our goal is to be a zero-waste home.  We have made a lot of other changes too. We want to make our impact on the earth as small as possible.  Recently a member of the local Sierra Club shared a document called The Flame Tree Project To Save Life on Earth.

It provides guidance on how to change your life.  I am wondering if it is too late.  I see the record floods in Houston, the fires in L.A., floods around the world and weather events that are creating “climate refugees.”  I have read that was going to happen as part of the process towards our extinction.  I recently read that we are in the process and just as a frog in a pot of water that gradually gets warmer, we don’t notice what is happening around us.  I have also read that we do recognize it but are too overwhelmed by it so go on living our lives as if it isn’t happening.

Nice gift to leave for our children, grandchildren and the human race in general.

So I have been asking myself, what is the moment for each individual when they realize things are so dire they need to change their habits.  They need to use a clothes line instead of a dryer.  They need to stop shopping for other than essentials.  They need to figure out how they can host or fit climate refugees in their community, street,  yard, home.

What is it going to take for YOU to stop consuming at a rate that is making us extinct?  I am curious.  Do you have a line in the sand that you have in mind or are you content to keep your head in it?  Or do you not think this is anything to think about?  I would love to have the conversation with you.  Please feel free to contact me.  Let’s talk.

On another note, we enjoyed a wonderful picnic dinner with friends on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Some amazing wildflowers were in bloom and we gathered to enjoy them and each other’s company.  A few of us enjoyed a hike on Black Balsam Knob before the picnic.  What a beautiful world we live in.