This year’s farm bill is the most anti-wildlife ever. The House wants to make it easier for Big Ag to harm endangered species and their habitats. Take action now to oppose the farm bill!

Here’s a quick summary of its lowlights:

  • Exempts pesticides from the Endangered Species Act
  • Eliminates a popular farm conservation program that creates wildlife habitat
  • Transfers money from stream and watershed restoration to timber sales
  • Allows manufacturers and users to incidentally harm and even kill endangered species with pesticides
  • Opens potential paths to override protections for roadless areas and wilderness study areas
  • Exempts a wide variety of projects in national forests — some up to 6,000 acres — from environmental reviews, including salvage logging, road-building, and herbicide use

The farm bill is likely to come up for a full House vote this month. Please help defeat it: Add your name to OPPOSE the farm bill!