Key Trump Administration Tactics for Attacking Science

  • Sidelining independent science advice
  • Appointing individuals with conflicts of interest to scientific leadership positions
  • Leaving key leadership positions vacant
  • Revoking science-based safeguards
  • Misrepresenting climate science and rolling back climate-related safeguards
  • Weakening science-based pollution standards without scientific justification
  • Undermining protections from hazards at work and home
  • Altering or deleting scientific content on federal websites
  • Reducing public access to data
  • Restricting federal scientists ability to speak publicly
  • Creating a hostile environment for federal scientific staff

A Timeline of Attacks on Science

For real world examples of each of these tactics, as documented in the Union of Concerned Scientists report, Sidelining Science Since Day One, click on this LINK where you will find an opportunity to download the entire Report or an Executive Summary.