After over a decade, Pebble applied for one of the major permits it will need to move the mine forward.

In December 2017, Pebble submitted its first major federal permit application to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Click here to learn about Pebble’s mine plan. Filing for this application kick-started the federal permitting and environmental review process. Per this initial permit application, Pebble seeks to develop the first 1.2 billion tons of its nearly 11 billion-ton deposit and set the stage for future expansion and the construction of an industrial mining district in Bristol Bay.

The Corps of Engineers has begun a public comment period through the month of June, 2018. Click here for hearing information. 

Thousands of American businesses believe Bristol Bay is Salmon Country.

“Wrong mine, wrong place.”

This is the belief of hundreds of businesses around the country. Take a look at the impressive and growing list here, or the ad that ran in the Juneau Empire (left) in February, 2017.

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Pebble mine threatens one of the world’s last great salmon fisheries.

North America’s salmon powerhouse, Bristol Bay, Alaska, is threatened by the massive proposed gold and copper mine. Working closely with commercial fishermen, tribes, sportsmen and women, local businesses and many others across the country Trout Unlimited works to protect these iconic and productive rivers and the people they support.

Trout Unlimited’s Alaska Program works to protect and restore wild salmon and trout populations throughout Alaska. Through sound scientific data, strong grassroots outreach and advocacy, and hands-on involvement in conservation projects we protect some of the most pristine and prized rivers on the planet, restore those that need some help, and engage the next generation of coldwater stewards in Alaska’s natural heritage.


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