I often look at pictures of people protesting oil platforms in the ocean from inside their plastic kayaks and want to invite them to my home town I left because of the impact of fracking on our environment and specifically water supply.

I want to share with them first hand how the train cars of dangerous chemicals pass through the town on a regular basis to the plastics plants.

I am not judging. I own plastic kayaks. I won’t ever buy another new one. I won’t need to because they will last a very long time. Plus I do what I can not to consume, especially new products.

We have a goal to be a zero waste home and our trash now equates to about a 30 gallon bag a year. We are not suffering. We live well.

We watched pipelines being built in our countryside and witnessed the horrible devastation.

Our consumption has huge consequences. If the impact has not hit your neighborhood yet, it will.

Is that “whatever” worth this?

We have found it fun to find ways not to buy and consume. Give it a try. Look at what takes up the most space in your trash and figure out how to eliminate or reduce it.

It can be a lot of fun. Really.