I just finished the book Locavesting.  It talks about a variety of different ways individuals can invest in their communities instead of sending their money to Wall Street.  Sending money to Wall Street can be counterproductive for so many reasons.  I want to invest my money locally in firms that pay a living wage, use environmental practices and invest in our local community.  I do not want to send my money to a place that destroys our communities and gambles with our money and when they fail, use our tax money for bonuses.  When 1% of our GDP one year is from bonuses from those in the financial sector, something is very wrong.

There are so many others who have this same mindset and there is a lot of movement towards investing locally and there are a lot of ways to do it now.  North Carolina recently passed a law that opens up more opportunities towards that.  You can see details about it here:  https://www.locavesting.com/crowdfunding/north-carolina-forges-ahead-with-intrastate-crowdfunding/.

There is also a strong slow money presence in North Carolina.  You can find information about that here:  https://slowmoneync.org/

I recommend the book.  It is a bit dated but they do have a website that stays current and it is a good overview of the locavesting movement.  https://www.locavesting.com/