Jones Gap trail use to be a toll road from the mountains to the land below.  It was used to transport items to market among other things.  There is a section on the trail called The Winds because it winds back and forth with switchbacks to make it easier to descend the steep terrain.

Our neighbor, Bobby Jones, whose family the trail was named after (because they built it) told of a time he drove his tractor down there to collect their free-range pigs at slaughter time.  It is scary to think of that trip since hiking it in spots is quite narrow.

It is a trail in the Mountain Bridge Wilderness area.  It is wilderness.  The Middle Saluda River’s headwaters are not far from the trail head and it grows in size as the trail follows it.  It is spectacular.  There are numerous falls along the trail.  I believe the one pictured is named Moonshine Falls.

Nature is amazing.  I don’t believe we have even begun to understand it and while I read that man has mastered it I don’t believe that for even a moment.  Nature wastes nothing.  I strive to do the same.  Some people have made a lot of money creating waste, hurting the environment and funding policy that hurts many.  I don’t want to fund them anymore so I strive to stop using their products.

John at Moonshine Falls