Hiking with Unicorns

Hiking with unicorns

Friday, seven volunteers came together at the Bracken Mountain Preserve parking lot in Brevard to take scholars from Rise and Shine hiking.  The van arrived with the students and after a very quick introduction and a few tips about hiking we took off.

The scholars were fantastic.  The colors in the woods were stunning and several stopped to enjoy them and point them out.  The woods were magic with color, people, wildlife and nature.  A couple of the scholars wore unicorn costumes, which only added to the magic of the hike.

We explained this trail was the gateway to many waterfalls, trails, stunning views and so much more.  I heard a lot of wonderful conversations between hike leaders and scholars and there is no doubt my day was enriched by being in the woods with all of them.

Being connected and surrounded by the wonders of nature is the driving force for me to become a zero-waste individual.  Nature wastes nothing and I hope to continue to learn its lessons while bringing others along to share their wisdom as well.

Thanks to all who hiked with us.  We plan to make it a regular event.  Maybe you will join us.