I just discovered, and maybe new to you, too, CATALYST, vil 17, Fall 2017, published by the Union ofConcerned Scientists. Here’s  article of note:

The Dwindling Role for Coal – use, and so production, is on a steady decline. Since 2008, when coal-fired power plants generation half US electricity, it has dropped to 30 percent – thank you wind, solar and natural gas as well as efficient measures.

Trumps two ‘new’ coal mines were to meet Chinese demand for ‘metallurgical’ coal to produce iron and steel, a 700 job increase in the US, with limited reserves here. For other coal, the cost of production is greater than other energies. Many of those existing coal plants are due for retirement – wonder if they will, or will they stagger on, increasing dangerous to those living nearby? Asthma and heart attacks are more frequent near coal plants, from the sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide  and carbon dioxide emitted, no matter how many scrubbers or other cleaning methods, which many plants don’t even have. Gas leaks at old and failing pipe  joints aren’t helpful, either.

Letters to Congress are educational. Also write states with coal plants that should retire, www.ucsusa.org/coaltransition.   (p. 15)