Each of us must decide whether to submit to the current veto-proof majority, tacitly supporting the totality of its agenda, or to demand representation at the legislative table.

Sam Edney, local businessman, is a candidate for NC House District 113. Sam is part of the movement to break the stranglehold of a veto-proof majority in the Legislature. 

North Carolina is the proving ground for a national right wing that is determined to dismantle government “of the people, by the people, for the people”. In its place is growing a new aristocracy intent on holding power for their own personal gain, not to benefit the people.

We have “become a poster child for abusive gerrymandering, grotesquely dividing towns and twisting district lines to the point that international electoral integrity observers rank our state among places like Cuba and Indonesia.” -Robert Pollock. Districts have been drawn by the Republican Legislature to give the Republican party a permanent majority. And this is no longer my dad’s Republican Party

Sam stands solidly against gerrymandering and voter suppression. He stands for “One vote, One voice”, and every voice matters.

Education, the economy, the environment and healthcare must return to benefit the people. Vote- let your voice be heard.

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