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Public Budget Hearing Includes the New Transylvania County Courthouse

“I hope that you and some of your friends will go to the county commission meeting on Monday at 7:00 and demand that they delay action on the courthouse, demand additional options to address the courthouse needs while keeping the court function downtown, and demand that the issue of moving the courthouse or raising taxes to pay for the courthouse be put on the ballot for the citizens to vote on.” 

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Voter Purges: The Risks in 2018

Voter purges — the often controversial practice of removing voters from registration lists in order to keep them up to date — are poised to be one of the biggest threats to the ballot in 2018. Activist groups and some state officials have mounted alarming campaigns to purge voters without adequate safeguards. If successful, these efforts could lead to a massive number of eligible, registered voters losing their right to cast a ballot this fall. This threat walks hand-in-hand with the current Republican legislature’s attempt to suppress the vote by gerrrymandering on racial and partisan lines.

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Russia Heightens Defenses Against Climate Change

“We have already witnessed [climate change] effects this summer and we need to prepare for more damage to come ,” says Anton Kulbachevsky, head of Moscow city’s environmental environmental committee. 

Government derives its just powers from the consent of the governed. So, I call for our leadership to acknowledge and act on the reality of climate change, too. Since national leadership doesn’t care to do so, I call on state and local government to adhere to the tenets of the Paris Climate Accord. To do less is unfathomable.

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Justice’s order lets shorthanded county boards proceed with election plans

State Supreme Court Justice Mike Morgan signed an order Friday that would allow two- and three-member county election boards to make decisions about early voting sites and hours for upcoming elections without a quorum, as long as those decisions are made unanimously. Morgan’s order allows counties like Swain and Transylvania, which are both operating with two-member boards, to move forward with plans for municipal elections in November.

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